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Thigh surgery

Liposculpture of calves and thighs

The accumulation of fat on the thighs is a frequent problem for women that is solved through liposuction. This procedure aims to reduce the fat accumulation and improve the contour of this area. In case of previous excessive weight loss, a skin resection might be needed.
This procedure can also be performed on the inner thigh.

Thigh implants

An option to increase the volume of the thighs is through the placing of an implant similar to those for breast implants but shaped in the form of the thigh. It can be implanted in the internal or external part of the thigh.

Cellulite correction in thighs and glutes

The only scientifically proven method to reduce cellulite on thighs and buttocks is “Cellulaze”, a laser treatment that stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin, which liquefies fat and breaks up fibrous bands of tissue that pull down the skin and create the dimpled appearance of cellulite, causing irregularities in these regions.
This is an out-patient procedure that causes minimal postoperative discomfort.

Liposculpture surgery on knees

Fat accumulation around the knees is a problem that can be solved through liposuction. This procedure aims to reduce the fat tissue of this area. The wrinkles that are formed above the knee can be improved through fat grafting and collagen stimulation.

Calf surgery

Implants in calves

The placement of implants in calves is done when a patient is unhappy about the volume of them. The volume of calves can vary depending on various factors like weight, physical activity, and genetic and racial factors.
The implants have the shape of calves and come in a short version (bodybuilding) and in a larger version.

Liposculpture of calves and ankles

This is a region where fat deposits can build up and might require their extraction, as well as leg contouring might be recommended.