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Abdominal surgeries

Liposculpture with 3D or HD definition

The fat accumulation in the abdominal region is a frequent problem for men and women, some areas are especially resistant to diet and exercise. This procedure aims to reduce the fat deposits in the abdomen and also helps define the abdominal muscles.
Cutting edge technology and devices are used for these procedures (Laser, ultrasound, aspiration/suction).

Abdominoplasty, tummy tuck, lipectomy

After pregnancies or significant weight loss, it is very frequent that the tissue of the abdomen, flank, and lower back (skin and muscles) lose their firmness. In these cases, liposuction is not enough to restore or improve their aspect. Abdominoplasty is the resection of excess skin that is located from the abdomen to the back in its lower area. (When needed, a circumferential abdominoplasty is performed) .
The scar will be hidden in the line of underwear or bikini, thus, not visible.

Upper traction/lifting (inverse lipectomy)

This procedure is an inverse abdominoplasty (tensing the tissue towards the inframammary furrows). Along with this procedure, an abdominal liposculpture and muscular plasty are performed.
The scar will be located in the lower fold of the breast.

Navel / Belly button surgery (Umbilicoplasty)

The procedures to improve aspect of the navel may include the resection of previous scars, the correction of a lack of belly button, the removal of piercings, or may even be required to close an existing umbilical hernia.

Back surgery

Liposculpture of the back and axillar region

The accumulation of fat on the back and axilla are hardly solved with exercise and adequate nutrition, therefore, this procedure aims to reduce the fat deposits in this area, as well as those along the bra line.
The reduction of axillar fat deposits may go along with other breast surgeries, since the fat deposits in the axillar region can modify the aesthetic of the breasts.

Liposculpture of the waist and fat transference to glutes

Fat accumulation on the waist is a frequent problem for women, as well as for men, and it modifies the body contour significantly. This procedure aims to reduce the fat deposits in this area. The resected fat of this area can be transferred to the gluteal area, obtaining a very favorable change.