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Facial rejuvenation treatments (Aesthetic medical devices)

Fractional Intradermal Radiofrequency (Intracel)

This fractional radiofrequency is applied to the skin through microelectrodes to initiate a cell regeneration process, herewith, a cell regeneration process is initiated, promoting the development of growth factors in skin cells that will induce facial rejuvenation.

Focused high intensity ultrasound (Ultracel)

This procedure stimulates the production of collagen, while retracting and firming the skin producing the effect of a facial lifting.
The effects will improve in the weeks following the treatment, since the collagen production is stimulated progressively.

Infrared rays treatment (Zaffiro)

Zaffiro is the most innovative rejuvenation treatment in Europe.
It produces collagen and elastin through the application of infrared rays on the skin surface.

Stem cell therapy

The application of stem cells is microinvasive. Stem cells are injected through a derma pen, which is a small pen with microneedles that moves over the skin while applying the product.
It can be applied in any corporal region like face, hands, neckline, neck, or even on arms and legs.

Fibroblasts F-Cells

This treatment consists in the cultivation of personal cell cultures to maintain the youth of face, neck, neckline, and hands.
All cells that are cultivated can be used in the upcoming 10 years, maintaining the age of the cells as of the day they were retrieved.
This is an innovative treatment that multiplies the fibroblasts of the skin and reactivates those that are inactive. The fibroblasts are the main collagen and elastin producing cells in the body.

Fractional CO2 Laser (AcuPulse)

This procedure is used to improve skin quality, to reduce deep wrinkles, acne scars, age spots, stretch marks, syringomas, and to improve skin texture and tone.

Cell nutrition and hyaluronic acid

Filorga carries a product based on hyaluronic acid and 56 nutrients like antioxidants and oligoelements (trace elements) that provide nutrition to the skin, encouraging its hydration.
The application is microinvasive and is accomplished through a derma pen, a pen with microneedles that moves over the skin while applying the product.

Treatment with medical products

Use of creams, oils, sprays, and sunblock that supply nutrients to the skin to rejuvenate it.